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Assassination of Mohamed Brahmi, founder of Attayar Achaabi

Mohamed Brahmi, a deputy who has quited the parti “Echaab” to found “Attayar Echaabi” was assassinated today morning when he was leaving his home. The deputy, originating from Sidi Bouzid, received a 5 bullets shot. Live Blogging of the 25th of July events.

6pm – Sfax : The collective of political parties and NGOs has met in the Watad HQ to call for :

- all citizens for civil disobedience,
- the members of the national assembly to resign,
- the dissolution of the national assembly and all instances derived from it (the gouvernement and the presidency),
- the formation of a national salute and unity gouvernement,
- the dissolution of all religions-based political parties for their involvement in the assassinations and the dissolution of all milices and violent groups (LPR…),
- the securitary and military institutions to stay politically neutral,
- all citizens of Sfax to join an open Sit in to be held in front of the City Hall.

5h25pm – Ariana : Police est intervened to seperate two guys fighting in front of the ambulance. Police took profit from the situation to force the ambulance to “Route X”, heading it to Charles Nicolle hospital.

5h15pm – Ariana : The procession is heading to the entry of Ariana, blocked by the police to avoid it getting the Bourguiba avenue.


Crédit image : Lilia Blaise

4h50pm – Ariana : The body is escorted to el Ghazella.


Crédit image : Lilia Blaise

4h15pm – Front Populaire HQ : Publishing of a press release. During the conference Hamma Hammami, the spokesman of the parti called to :

- civil disobedience,
- the fall of the government,
- the dissolution of the national assembly,
- the creation of a national salute and union mouvement,
- general strike during the funerals day (July the 26th).

4h10pm – “Mahmoud Matri” Hospital : Body of Mohamed Brahmi


Hôpital Mahmoud Matri – Crédit image : Lilia Blaise

4h00pm – Av Habib Bourguiba : Between 1000 and 1500 persons in front of the Interior Ministry HQ.

4h00pm – Sidi Bouzid Gouvernorate (City Hall) HQ is on fire.


Le siège du gouvernorat de Sidi Bouzid est en feu. Crédit Image : SBZone

3h50pm – Av. Habib Bourguiba : Des manifestants ont fait reculer un bus de policiers en tapant dessus.


Avenue H. Bourguiba Crédit image : Perrine Massy – www.nawaat.org

3h40pm – “Mahmoud Matri” Hospital : Nourreddine Hached, son of Farhat Hached arrives to the hospital.


3h25pm – Mosaique Fm : Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, from Al Joumhouri, requests the creation of a national unity governement.

3h20pm – L’UGTT (Labor Union : call for a general national strike for July the 26th.

3h10pm – Sidi Bouzid, Mohamed Bouazizi Avenue : A gathering in front of the city hall. Few clashes between security forces and protestors. Most of the protestors are from Al Jabha and Attayar Achaabi.

3h10pm Front Populaire HQ : Meeting starts with many representatives of the Front Populaire, Nidaa Tounes and Dousstourna.

2h45pm – Av. Habib Bourguiba : A march started in Place Med Ali (HQ of the Labor Union) gets to the main Tunis Avenue. Few hundreds are protesting and the march is getting larger.

2h45pm : MosaïqueFM Rached Ghanouchi , leader of Ennahdha : “It’s a murder against the Tunisian state and the democracy. They seek to push Tunisians to exchange accusations.” (…)

“Those who committed this murder are opponents to democracy. The Tunisian revolution was peaceful, they want to turn it bloody while the national assembly is almost done with the constitution and the setup of the institutions that will leak the country to the next free elections…” (…)

“We request a national anti-violence coalition”

2h40pm : Home of Mohamed Brahmi : neighbors says Brahmi was assassinated with 5 bullets and not 11, around 12h10. One of the daughters of Mohamed Brahmi declares to radio Kalima seeing the two agressors on a Motorcycle.

2h15pm : Communiqué of the spokesman of the Presedency of the republic : We condamn the assassination of deputy Mohamed Brahmi, ” a crime committed on the republic day” while the national assembly is working on the finishing of the transitional phase, explains the communiqué.

The communiqué calls the Tunisians to not fall into the trap of violence.

2hpm – “Mahmoud Matri” Hospital :


Hôpital Mahmoud Matri – Crédit image : Lilia Blaise

2hpm – “Mahmoud Matri” Hospital : Many spontaneous calls to a gathering in front of the national assembly.

A meeting of the “democratical coalition” is planned at 15h in the “Front Populaire” HQ.laire.

1h58pm – 14h – “Mahmoud Matri” Hospital : Around 300 persons are gathering within whom many political figures : Mohamed Jmour, from the Watad parti, Mehdhi Ben Gharbia, of the democratical coalition, deputy Brahim Kassas, lawyer Leila Ben Debba, lawyer Saida Garrach, syndicalist Thouraya Krichen. Hamma Hammami was also present, he stayed less than 1h and was under heavy security escort.

1h35pm – Av. Habib Bourguiba : Police blocs entries to the interior ministry HQ. Around 500 protestors starting the march.

1hpm – Today - Mohamed Brahmi deputy from Echaab ( quited since July ) and founder of parti Courant Populaire ( Attayar Achaabi ) assassinated this morning when leaving his home in the Al Ghazela area of Ariana (near Tunis).

Mohamed Brahmi was shot by 5 balls.



Décès de l'islamologue tunisien Mohamed Talbi, "libre" penseur

Décès de l'islamologue tunisien Mohamed Talbi, "libre" penseur


Mohamed Abdullahi 'Farmajo', nouveau président de la Somalie

Mohamed Abdullahi 'Farmajo', nouveau président de la Somalie


Somalie: l'ex-Premier ministre Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo élu président

Somalie: l'ex-Premier ministre Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo élu président