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Launch of FreeKoulchi website with Mamfakinch support

The winds of change have awakened the Middle Eastern and North African region, where peaceful protesters from all ages, ethnicities and religions united succeeded in toppling regimes that had withstood the test of time–ruling in countries for decades through corruption and oppression. Morocco was no exception, as February 20thMovement bourgeoned when the freedom-scented breeze revived Moroccan youth, allowing everyone who believes in democracy as a means, and justice, dignity and freedom as goals to come out and stand together, peacefully chanting and cheering for a better tomorrow.

The movement quickly blossomed throughout Morocco in the spring of 2011, as tens of thousands of citizens from all walks of life and all regions flooded the streets, with demands that had long been silenced by the regime. Before long, police brutality, humiliation, beatings, random arrests and torture against the people sent the flood of protesters dwindling to a trickle. The regime was cutting democracy's water supply in the country, and the shortage began to show as fruits of the Moroccan spring dried and young protesters dwelling unfairly in prisons entered painful, ongoing hunger strikes.

The unwavering resistance and strength of Moroccan political detainees remain, however, an abundant source of inspiration as both February 20th activists and others--jailed unjustly, whose activities did not please the Moroccan authorities remain a source continue to demand change.

This source has, in turn, empowered members of the Mamfakinch Group, February 20th  activists, and the Moroccan Association of Human Rights to team up, build and launch the #FreeKoulchi initiative. Our goal is to raise awareness on political detention in Morocco via a website where personal information related to each detainee will be presented in a way that is as detailed as possible and descriptions of the arrest, torture, unfair trials and wrongful incrimination processes, current situation, and more data will be set forth thereby shedding light on the overall situation in Morocco.

Launching FreeKoulchi.org is an ongoing effort to buoy up pro-democracy activism through the field of peaceful resistance to political detention in Morocco. The Mamfakinch Group supports this initiative and the resourcefulness of Moroccan activists.

Link to the FreeKoulchi website


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